IIM Bodhgaya to Train Teachers in “Research, Design, Analysis”

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bodhgaya runs a Faculty Development Program (FDP) in research, design and analysis. He proposes to train teachers of various subjects at the institute. The program will run for nine days, starting June 20 and ending June 29.

This faculty development program will consist of four modules, each of which will cover a different topic on separate dates during the duration of the program. The conference lasted two hours, starting at 5 p.m. and ending at 7 p.m.

Overview of modules and topics to be covered in the programme:

Module 1 of the program includes writing manuscripts. Starting June 20, the course will cover topics such as “Inaugural Manuscript + High-Quality Writing and Travel Tracking.” The following day, a session on “systematic literature review” will take place. Finally, on June 22, a session will be conducted on “Formatting, presenting tables and figures in a manuscript”.

Module 2 will focus on questionnaire design and sample selection. This module will extend over 2 days from June 23 to June 24. First, topics such as “Creating graphs and tables”, Calculating summary statistics” and “Testing differences between groups” will be introduced. “The study of relationships between variables, the fitting of models Regression” will be taught the next day.

Module 3 of the program will focus on survey design and analysis. This module will take place on June 25. It will cover topics on “Defining Your Sample, Choosing the Right Sample and Sampling Methods”.

Module 4, the final phase of the programme, will focus on research methodologies. It will start on June 26 and run until June 29. The module would start with a “qualitative and quantitative analysis”, as well as a “review of statistical tools”.

The next topics would be “Factor Analysis, Testing, Reliability and Validity”. Topics such as “Moderation and Mediation Using AMOS” and “Structural Equation Modeling” will be covered during the last days of the training program.
Institute faculty members are recommended to visit the official website to read the official announcement regarding this program.

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Paul N. Strickland