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NEW YORK, April 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Creative Spirit is the premier 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to finding integrated, fair-paying positions at the world’s top companies for people with intellectual, developmental and intellectual disabilities. learning (IDD) – the largest and poorest minority population. Those with IDD are unemployed at an astonishing 85% and there has been no significant progress since the adoption of the ADA over 30 years ago. In honor of Autism Awareness Month and in anticipation of the growing number of college graduates with disabilities, Creative Spirit released the first large-scale research study, titled #RecruitDifferent, which reveals the barriers to hiring neurodiverse talent. Creative Spirit engaged 250 corporate hiring decision makers to determine attitudes, behaviors, and barriers to hiring people with IDD into integrated, fair wage positions.

Diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace have been called into question with many judgmental moments amid the #BLM movement and insidious social events over the past year. People with IDD are a minority group who repeatedly get lost in the midst of discussions about DE&I. The premise of the research is to capture basic data on hiring practices, hiring data specifically related to IDDs, and a reaction to the Creative Mind model.

“Neurodiversity is one area of ​​ED&I that is most often overlooked in the workforce and it has been going on for far too long,” said Laurel Rossi, co-founder and CEO of Creative Spirit. “The hurdles found in the study are things we can easily overcome – especially in an age when technology is prevalent, there is a growing minimum wage and tremendous labor mobility. Our goal in commissioning and publishing this research is to provide direction to businesses – to guide them in hiring, retaining and supporting people with IDD, and to empower applicants with disabilities to become a fundamental part of their development process. ‘hiring.

The main findings from the research made it clear:

  • Almost all of the decision makers who participated in the study believed that hiring candidates with DIDs was good for business.
  • The biggest barriers or myths about hiring people with IDD are:
1. There is no centralized pipeline of applicants with DIDs, with over 45% of respondents agreeing.
2. Despite the fact that 87% of decision-makers have diversity hiring ambitions, 47% of respondents believe that they would need huge resources to be successful in hiring people with IDD, and therefore do not give following the hiring.
3. The majority of policy makers do not believe that people with disabilities are able to do the work required to be successful, despite increasing levels of education and modern vocational training.

Creative Spirit has built a strong pool of people with IDDs, offers corporate diversity training, and the job training, coaching and mentoring needed to ensure the long-term success of people with disabilities in integrated jobs across the board. fair wages. The good news from the study was the almost pervasive interest among business decision makers in hiring people with IDD after being exposed to the services provided by Creative Spirit.

About the creative mind
Creative Spirit is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to creating integrated employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. Our mission is simple: to create and support the successful placement of people with DID in the most creative and forward-thinking companies in the world. Creative Spirit was born and is dedicated to providing employers with the opportunity to be matched with loyal, enthusiastic, skilled people who bring a new kind of energy to any organization. The goal is to create 1 million jobs during this decade, for more than 10 million people with DID in the United States alone who are currently unemployed, or 85% of adults willing, willing. and capable. Creative Spirit offers training and business advice to organizations interested in adding disability to their DE&I agenda. Currently, 15% of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) who work face significant pay gaps or get no pay at all. It is a global crisis and possibly the most serious human rights employment problem of our time, but it is not resolved.

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