Bubble or sparkle? New Behavioral Research Study Provides Insight into Hard Seltzer’s Future


NEW YORK, September 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – A new study of U.S. fat seltzer drinkers has found growth opportunities remain for the hottest category of the alcoholic beverage industry. Veylinx, a consumer analytics platform that uses behavioral research to predict buying patterns, studied eight brands of hard seltzer (AriZona SunRise, Bon V! V, Bud Light, Corona, Smirnoff, Topo Chico, Truly and White Claw) and eight additional benefits to determine which potential product innovations consumers value the most and which will impact their willingness to pay.

Almost all of the added benefits tested (high alcohol, low alcohol, vitamins, kombucha, immunity, energy, sustainable packaging, and CBD), according to the results, attracted more consumer buying interest. The study found that adding CBD increased demand by 12% on average, while improving drinks with kombucha reduced demand by 6% on average.

Other variations, such as sustainable packaging, have shown potential for some brands, but not for others. Sustainable packaging for Corona increased demand by 29%, but decreased demand for Truly by 23%.

The study also confirmed that White Claw leads the crowded category in terms of overall willingness to pay, with average demand 35% higher than its competitors. Corona and Truly scored second and third respectively, but were well behind the market leader.

“We wanted to study the hard soda category because it has profoundly changed the alcoholic beverage space in such a short period of time,” said Anouar El Haji, CEO of Veylinx. “There are widely differing predictions about whether and how it will maintain its tremendous growth, so we wanted to shed light on which brands and innovations are best positioned for the future. ”

The results showed that all eight brands enjoy a positive perception of the product in multiple dimensions, including credibility, superior quality and uniqueness, signaling strong potential for further growth.

White Claw generates the greatest demand, but benefits the least from adding product extensions
The CBD-infused, energizing, and alcohol-rich versions worked well in most brands, and while market leader White Claw had the highest demand score, potential product line expansions actually resulted in less demand for the brand. All of the other brands tested had at least one additional benefit that drove demand. For Topo Chico, five of the eight additional benefits led to an increase in demand, including CBD, which increased by 18%.

Consumers drink seltzer water for its refreshing taste, not because it’s healthier
“Refreshing taste” was cited by a majority of respondents (54%) as the main purchasing factor, with Truly, White Claw and Bud Light ratings being the highest in this category. Surprisingly enough, the perceived safety of seltzer compared to other alcoholic beverages was not a significant demand driver (only selected by 22% of participants).

Almost 75% of respondents indicated that they consume seltzer water at home.

Regional preferences vary
Consumer demand for individual brands differed from region to region, with White Claw dominating the Northeast and Midwest. In the south, Smirnoff generated the highest demand, while Corona won the crown in the west.

The variation in CBD infused products has generated the most buying interest in the Northeast, South, and Midwest. The most popular product variant in the West turned out to be sustainable packaging.

About the survey
Unlike typical surveys where consumers are simply asked about their preferences, Veylinx uses behavioral research to reveal how much consumers will pay for a product through an actual auction system. Consumers reveal their true willingness to pay by placing sealed offers on products and then answering follow-up questions about their reasons to buy or not to buy. The study was conducted in July and August 2021 among 2,702 US consumers over the age of 21.

To download more complete results from the Hard Seltzer study or for more information on Veylinx, visit info.veylinx.com/hard-seltzer-research.

About Veylinx
Veylinx is the most realistic behavioral analysis platform to confidently answer critical business questions at all stages of product innovation. To reliably predict demand, Veylinx captures information using a Nobel Prize-winning approach in which consumers have real skin in the game. This is a major breakthrough over traditional research practices. market that are based on what consumers say they would hypothetically buy. Veylinx’s unique research methodology is endorsed by the world’s most innovative consumer goods companies, including P&G, Unilever, Pepsico, Nestlé, General Mills, Reckitt, and Kimberly-Clark. www.veylinx.com

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